The Educopia Institute empowers collaborative communities
to create, share, and preserve knowledge.

Affiliated Communities

  • MetaArchive Cooperative
    Fostering better understanding of distributed digital preservation methods and to create enduring and stable, geographically dispersed “dark archives” of digital materials that can be drawn upon to restore collections at Member organizations.
  • BitCurator Consortium
    Helping cultural organizations acquire and curate born-digital materials through open-source digital forensics tools.
  • Library Publishing Coalition
    Promoting the development of innovative, sustainable publishing services in academic and research libraries to support scholars as they create, advance, and disseminate knowledge.

Educopia Consulting

Educopia Consulting’s clients include a wide variety of organizations and institutions, including libraries, archives, information technology service providers and academic institutions.

Our scholars, librarians, and curators regularly engage in consulting activities in the following specialty areas:

  • Digital Preservation & Curation

    Digital Preservation & Digital Curation

  • Digital Scholarship & Humanities

    Digital Scholarship &
    Digital Humanities

  • Community Cultivation

    Community Cultivation

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